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Composition Meter

Composition Meter

It measures the Density of the fuel at Point of Sale to see if it matches that of unadulterated Diesel. Also makes sure the Operator is not short changed as mass of product is measured as against normal practice of measuring volume. If the number falls out of chart then you will know your Diesel has been adulterated with Kerosine or water.


Miscibility Tester

Helps to ensure the following requirements:

  • Confirm that the fuel delivery will remain stable in the Storage tanks.
  • Identify possible stability problems before mixing two fuels
  • Help prevent sludge deposits, failure of fuel handling systems and costly combustion related engine damage.

Specifications of Composition Meter:

SpecificationsAccuracy: Typically within +/- 0.1% (800-1010 kg/m³)

Calculations: Density, Specific Gravity at 15°C in vacuo, centiPoise to centistokes

Correlation: ASTM D1298 IP160

Dimensions: 18 x 23 x 10cm

Power: 110/240 VAC (auto selected)

Range: 800 to 1010 kg/m³ @ 15°C

Temperature: 50°C and 70°C

Test Time: Heating from 15°C 10 mins, Repeat test maximum 30 seconds

Weight: 2.20kg