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Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

Our Fuel Filtration and Dewatering Systems removes sludge and dirt from your fuel storage tanks ensuring that your generators work optimally and that there is no disruption to power supply.

The Fuel Dewatering and Filtration Cleaner System will circulate the fuel at a low flow rate from the fuel tank bottom through a patented Separator-Filter; removing water and bacteria laden moisture and dust, then returning the cleaned fuel to the tank

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diesel after cleaning


The StandAlone Machine

We provide Standalone Machine that can be bought to use with your fuel tanks. Please note that the Standalone System can be used for both the underground and surface storage tanks. It is advised to only use the Standalone Fuel Cleaning Machine for Tanks equal or greater than 20,000 litres because of cost implications; otherwise we can provide the Mobile Cleaning Service as described below.


Standalone machine




Mobile Cleaning Service

This is similar to the Standalone Machine, the only difference is that it is a mobile service for fuel cleaning provided to clients that do not want to pay the cost of the Standalone Machine.


Standalone machine