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Rheology Meter


Rheology Meter


It measures the Combustion Index (CCAI) of Diesel and Viscosity of Engine Oil (resistance to flow to get Centistoke).

The Rheology Meter is designed to measure the Viscosity of Diesel (Fuel Oils Except PMS) at 50 degrees (Machine Condition). Once you enter Fuel Density Provided by the Composition Meter together with the Derived Viscosity, you get the Combustion Index (CCAI). This is a critical Fuel Condition Index, as the value depicts Carbon Cloud around the Ignition of the Generator as a result of Quality of Fuel.
A Combustion Index value tending to or greater than 880 signifies that your generator has a high chance of Fuel Ignition and Injection Problems if that Fuel is used. This could lead to Incomplete Combustions, Clogged Injectors and sometimes sporadic Fire Incidents.





The Rheology Meter is used to Measure Viscosity of Engine Oil to determine if has been adulterated at point of Sale based on Viscosity Property of that particular Grade of Engine Oil; you can also use it to measure level of Engine Oil Degradation as a result of wear and tear on the Generator and how it affects the Viscosity of the Lubricant. This in turn gives an indication on the Engine Performance of the Generators at any point in time.



  • Detects bad fuel at Point of Sale and During Operation by the Combustion Index
  • Detects Adulterated Engine Oil at Point of Sale and during Operation by measuring its Viscosity at Operational Temperatures.
  • It is Portable
  • One Year Warranty on Product