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About Us

offshore drillZone International Petroleum was founded in 2006 with a goal to become the premier Oil Service and Facilities Operations Support Company in Nigeria.


Business Statement

  • To ensure reliability of fuel / chemical suppliers, fuel maintenance and optimization systems to the Telecommunications and Oil and Gas sector.
  • Maximum return on Investment for the equipment that use fuels on our client’s sites for their Operation
  • Acquire , install and support oil and gas requirements for Telecommunications, Oil and Gas Companies in the most cost effective , safe and environmentally friendly manner
  • Invest in training highly skilled manpower that will perform superior service to the clients of Zone International Petroleum.

What we do

fuel maintenanceOur Fuel Maintenance products ensure that our clients have at least 99% Pure Fuel at all times by having Patented systems that remove algae causing bacteria from the Fuels and also Filtration and Separation of water down to at least .01 parts per million. This ensures that your Plant and Machinery are Operating Optimally and prevents clogging of filters and Fuel Injectors amongst others that could damage your generators and hence cause down time. We also provide products that ensure Preventive Maintenance by measuring trends in Fuel Contamination and health of Generator Lubricants (This is an important indicator of the health of Generators)


The Oil Service Group provides services primarily to Energy companies in Nigeria. The products include Maintenance of Fuel in Tank Farms, among this include Aviation Fuel and Diesel. We also Perform Tank Calibrations Services to this Industry. We are now working with our clients in supplying products in the Upstream segment, and this include our highly effective range of Lubricants and Friction reducers for Oil based and water based mud. We also provide a range of completion fluids and Oil /water Separation Devices.


To this end our product lines are differentiated primarily along two segments; Fuel Maintenance Systems and Oil Service Operations